Logo detection by image matching

Using OpenCV Flann based image matching and cross validation, SURF, SIFT, ORB, KAZE, AKAZE features are matched to detect and identify unique logo in images.

image_logo_matching3 image_logo_matching1

The same program can be used to detect patterns in clothings. The program has potential for searching for cloths or items of a particular pattern from an online imagery database.


Automatic GrabCut for human body extraction

Face detection is used to automatically detect and then initialize Grab Cut automatically. Grab Cut program from OpenCV then automatically extract human body as foreground. The program works perfectly automatically and for all kinds of complex background.

OpenCV – camshift based Hand Tracking

Background subtraction and skin colour detection is used extract hand pixels from first frame captured by webcam. This is followed by camshift based tracking to track hand movements in subsequent frames.